Hey, that would make sense… He didn’t seem to be extremely affected by the risk of kuroshi lately. After a year of hibernation, that would be really cool if he could get out of his cave and come back into the world of acting.

You want to know more …check on Estikay , they are following the matter very seriously…

Yes ! Drink tea !

New Japanese tea arrives and ….
Takeshi Kaneshiro is BAAAAAAAAACKKKK !

tk drinks tea

Go to see Takeshi drinking Lipton Tea !
His first 2010 shooting for a CM.

He already did a CM for Lipton in Thailand many years ago, and he regretted he could meet the elephants, and guess what…

It’s really superb. Go and check on STK


So what’s new ?

Takeshi Kaneshiro in Emporio Armani… have you seen the video at Giorgio Armani’s Milano fashion show ? TK is so cute in it…

Hard to believe he was such a Trouble Maker in 1995. Yes, you know that old movie called ” La bi xiao sheng” by director Jue Yin Ping.
(if we didn’t f.. up too much the pin yin. And we surely did… oh forget) Where to see it ? Ask there…

Any new interview since Takeshi Kaneshiro was in GQ china?

Is Takeshi Kaneshiro going to get married, be a dad, have baby, have a daughter, divorce ? I mean in Peter Chan’s Waiting
movie ? Or is all speculation from merdia… what ? oops, I’m so vulgar today. The media of …merdre (excuse my French, but it’s real litterature reference. Read “Ube Roi” some day. Merdre !).

Yes, I now you prefer rumors… even if you cannot tell the difference between a rumor, a joke and a beaver.
Nota Bene : This is a beaver.

Well, if you want to play, get a Takeshi Kaneshiro doll. Many figure designers have tried to make 45 cm lon… I mean 30 cm heigh dolls representing Takeshi.
Oh oh, what did you imagine ?
So here, it is what you ordered :
ken takeshi
Kitscher you die… no, there is better.

Did Takeshi Kaneshiro have eye surgery ? Again, again… You mean he gets his eyes done every week ? I already told you.
The truth is Takeshi’s small eyes opened so wide wide when he read “Takeshi’s 45 cm…” !!! And his mouth too was as big as that of Moby Dick trying to gulp down the Titanic. He was thinking : “Oh does she know ? How can she know ? Did she see my… ? That can’t be. I never had a girlfriend… true, if I had, you’d read about it in Dairy Apple or other Chinese rags. So I’m pure like a newborn baby, nobody have seen me except my Mum when I was born in that clinic… Mum ?! Is that your blog ? “.
No, no, Takeshi, it’s not your Mum. Just a way to place keywords like wife, Mum, pregnant, wet, baby, wet, father, wet, Dad…

Do you remember :

… all the archeological kaneshirologic data base is on STK.

Takeshi on twitter:
Yep, my coworker, the little Ziyi, she gave me her old job. Mum and Mrs Miaow my manager are happy, they had not seen money getting in recently.
Now, they didn’t complain. They served me a lot of rice and very small bits of meat and fish. And the toilet paper, now it’s only one layer, white, not perfume. The cheapest…
Why Zhang Ziyi left the cushy job ? Ah Ah Ah ! Let’s say, she’s just got married with a pregnant Japanese woman in Tokyo…
Stupid gossip you say Wang Fish ? When it’s about me you publish and about her it’s stupid ? Really unfair. I take her little job, and she doesn’t take mine. Why can’t she replace me at my pseudo-marriages ?
I really like Giorgio, he looks like my Dad, you know. I’d do anything for him.

Not really, I find his designs for women are cuter, very romantic princess style. My sis-in-law asked me to give her this one.

But she’d need it 10 sizes bigger.

(and that’s true… which is weird on this blog, but we are not perfect, he !)

Yes, many photos of Takeshi modeling for the real Armani collection… there. recycle chinese news

Takeshi Kaneshiro’s family is rejoicing… His fans are elated with happiness…

Takeshi too…

“Green Planet Movie Awards (formerly Green Globe Film Awards) recognize Hollywood’s and Asia’s finest films, actors and filmmakers while raising awareness about the environment”

Did he really get one ?
Well they must know there on STK….

Oh you wanted to know the secret of the magic eyes of Takeshi Kaneshiro, the problem is after reading that, you will never see him with the same eyes…
Er, I mean his same eyes but not your same eyes…

So, let’s go. Now the blogo-journalism muddy marsh that replaces media for Chinese language readers… Oh this time, they say Takeshi’s eyes would not maybe be natural.

Humm, Takeshi, my Chinese is not very good but they didn’t say glass eyes. They think you modified the shape of your eyelid. Oh la la ! What an extaordinary thing ! Who else did that ? Only 90% of people in Seoul, 60% in Tokyo, 70% in Taipei, 50% in Hong-Kong… it seems prices vary.
Anyway, surgery would really be a loss of time and money, when you can get your eyes improved in a few minutes thanks to the process of Biothakheshithermie.

I tried it for you.
My eyes were like that when I woke up :

Yes, bad diets, no exercise, cigarette, alcohol, sun-tan, drugs, everything, all the time, rock’n roll life in 20th century (soooo fabulously boooring !)… that used to be a problem.
No longer in 21th century :

…now people tell me I look like a doll.

That’s the same for Takeshi.
Aniki era Takeshi Kaneshiro :

And now :

I have obtained a secret exclusive interview of Takeshi… and I will put it online very soon. He will show you HOW ….

So, you like that small eyes singer aniki ? All the clips and TV shows, songs, lyrics… are there.recycle chinese news

And you’ll regret… You’ll never see him with the same eyes, well I mean you’ll see him with his same eyes but not your same eyes…

You know Takeshi Kaneshiro has changed of career. This guy used to be an actor (a first class one), but he quit circa 2009… No he sells stuff in train stations in Japan (Java Tea ads and vending machines…) and in departments stores or duty free shops in China.

He demonstrates cosmetics. And you the reference magazine for beauty products is “Durian Skin”. They interviwed him recently, just an few quotations…

Durian Skin : So that lady that seemed so young and was already 75 year old give you her secrets ?
TK : He, he…
DS : And you won’t tell us, just a little bit ?
TK : I’ve given a few tips to the directors of Biotherm…
DS : You mean the scientists that design the products ?
TK: No, no, the directors that shoot the Biotherm CMs.
DS : Ahhh, I see. So what’s the secret to have beautiful big opened fresh eyes like you Takeshi ?
TK : Teabags that you keep in your fridge !
DS : Oh come one… we’re tired of that one !
TK : But that works ! You need the good kind of teabag and a good fridge.
DS : Really ?
TK : Yes, we used Taiwanese teabags I went to collect in the mountains…
DS : Well thank you very much.

They were not convinced :